Delegate Kipke to Fight Voter Fraud

Given the fact that Maryland voters just approved the silly concept of early voting, I am proud to say that my Delegate and my friend Nic Kipke is going to fight the issue here in Anne Arundel County, with this information that we’re breaking here and at

Today, with just over one month until Maryland’s next legislative session, Delegate Nic Kipke (R-Pasadena, Md.) officially requested a bill that will require a major election law change in Anne Arundel County. The legislation will require all Anne Arundel County voters to present photo identification to be eligible to vote. “I personally have always had an issue with the fact that photo identification is not required to vote in Maryland. After this last election, I heard from many county residents that they share the same concern. It seems to me that no matter where you stand politically, everyone wants to ensure that the integrity of our elections are not undermined by fraudulent activity,” said Delegate Nic Kipke.

While this policy would break new ground in Maryland, the concept is not new to most of the United States. In fact, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, seven states require photo identification to vote and twenty-four states require other forms of identification.

Read the whole thing here.

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I am glad that Nic is taking this step forward and trying to bring some rational common sense to the issue of voter verification and identification. It is ridiculous that it takes more identification and more effort to buy groceries with a credit card than it does to vote! And I hope that we are able to put some of our local Democrats on the spot on this issue. Since this is a local bill, our Anne Arundel County Delegation is going to have to take a stand on this; it puts some of our local “conservative” Democrats on the spot. It’s going to make them have to choose between their constituents and their party.

We’ll be watching.


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