DC Attorney General: “I Don’t Approve” Of Emails

After the third arrest of a Washington DC teen, the local police had enough. Specifically, the suspect in question has allegedly committed 21 robberies, in which he sneaks up behind victims and knocks them to the ground. He then robs his prey of items such as money, cellphones, and IPODS. Still, this punk was allowed to continue to roam the streets of DC. Therefore, the police devised a plan. In a plea send to subscribers of his 3rd District Substation e-mail group, Inspector Edward Delgado asked everyone to “Flood the email system (of Attorney General Peter Nickles) today because time is critical in this matter. Let them not release this criminal yet again into the community.”

Instead of embracing the opportunity to hear from the citizens of his locality, Peter Nickles blasted the effort by police. “I don’t mind getting 20 e-mails about a particular problem that reflects the unique perspective of people in the community”, he said, “but I don’t approve of an organized campaign to send me 50 e-mails”. He added, “I haven’t touched them. I told my secretary to put them in a pile.”

Well, I hate to bring this to Mr. Nickles’ attention, but it’s his duty to carry out the will of the people. While he may not face the voters directly, he serves at the pleasure of the elected mayor. Therefore, if Nickles thinks he’s above answering to the citizens of Washington DC, perhaps the mayor should send him a stern reminder.

Until now, many DC residents have demonstrated a complacent attitude towards crime. To see this community rise up and demand accountability should be embraced as a step in the right direction. Instead, the Attorney General gets upset because he can’t continue to operate business as usual. I suggest Peter Nickles step aside to allow someone with more passion about fighting crime to come forward.

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