Congratulations Congressman-Elect Kratovil

Congratulations Frank Kratovil.  At noon today, Maryland Sen. Andy Harris stood before the Wicomico County Courthouse and announced that he had spoken with Frank Kratovil earlier today and congratulated him on his election to the US House.

Beginning his remarks with words of thanks to our veterans, past and present, Harris wished Kratovil and his family well as he began the task of representing Maryland’s First District in Congress.  Harris stated that this campaign was a (sometimes heated) debate over the issues facing America, Maryland and the District.  While the election was close, the voters had spoken.

Harris reminded us of his parents’ flight from communism in search of liberty.  Where else but America could a child of immigrants grow up to become a physician, serve in the state legislature and seek election to Congress?

As a fierce Harris partisan, I too wish Mr. Kratovil and his family well on their new journey.  While I expect that there will be severe, and even heated, disagreement over issues during the next two years I am obligated to acknowledge that Frank Kratovil fought a hard race.  He waged a good campaign.

I want to also thank Andy Harris for waging a campaign based on conservative principles.  While Frank Kratovil and his family will be in the prayers of Andy Harris and his family, both the Harris and Kratovil families will be in the prayers of both myself and my family.

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