Baltimore Sun Goes Overboard For Obama

First of all, I congratulate President-Elect Barack Obama on his hard fought victory in the 2008 Presidential Election. I think it’s time for all Americans to unite behind our new leader and wish him the best of luck. After all, if he succeeds, we all win. Certainly, Obama inspired a lot of people. No doubt, the pre-election enthusiasm portrayed by Obama nation has to impress even his most harshest critics.

Still, some have gone so overboard after Obama’s victory that it’s almost nauseating. On the day after the election, The Sun ran a headline that read “It’s Obama”. In turn, the dedicated the majority of their front page to the new President-Elect. Fair enough. Obama won fair and square. Then came the special Obama Commemoration section last Sunday. Well, that’s a little much but whatever. Today, I come across an advertisement where the Sun is asking their readers to send a five line congratulatory note to Obama for $17.50. These jottings will then appear in the November 16th edition of the paper. Alright, can we say overkill?

While I understand the historical significance of Obama’s election, why should we elevate him above any other person who has occupied the Oval Office? I realize many first time voters were inspired by his candidacy, but our nation has been electing presidents since 1789. Likewise, the Sun has been in existence since 1837. And while I cannot attest to much prior to the 1980’s, I fail to recall this much media celebration over an elected president.

Whether or not Obama will be successful in his new position remains to be seen. I encourage everyone to keep an open mind and try to be objective when evaluating his performance. In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see how long the media remains in celebration mode.

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