Andy Harris for Congress

On Tuesday we all have an opportunity to participate in one of our most basic freedoms – the right to vote. In Maryland’s First Congressional District, the choice of who we should vote for is clear – Andy Harris.

Harris personifies what our founders envisioned when our Founding Fathers were writing the Constitution. He is a true citizen legislator. A physician and professor at Johns Hopkins, Harris didn’t need to get involved in partisan politics. A Commander in the Navy medical corps, “service” wasn’t an issue. He already served his country – well. Andy Harris saw a need in the Maryland Senate. The district where he had lived for twenty years was being represented by a man who reflected neither Harris’ values nor the values of a majority of his fellow citizens. Rather than sitting idly by and complaining, Harris tackled the tough task of unseating an incumbent from his own party.

As Rep. Wayne Gilchrest continued to exhibit, more and more, his natural liberal tendencies, Harris saw the necessity of challenging an 18 year incumbent. Attacked and vilified, Harris never wavered in his stance on the key issues facing Maryland’s First District, and America.

Whether it is lower taxes to encourage job creation or fighting bureaucracy to promote economic growth, Harris has stood firm on economic principles. Whether it is his commitment to protecting innocent life or standing up for the traditional family, Harris reflects the values of the vast majority of voters in the First District. Attacked by every environmentalist group in Maryland, Harris continues to stand firm for true energy independence – including increased domestic supply through offshore drilling. While I have never heard Harris evoke the sainted names of Reagan and Goldwater, Harris’ principles and actions prove that he is one of a few genuine heirs to their legacy.

His opponent, Queen Anne’s State’s Attorney Frank Kratovil fails on most these broad issues. While claiming to be “independent”, Kratovil panders to the majority of First District voters on myriad issues. However as the campaign moves towards its climax, Kratovil has been forced to admit to his liberal proclivities in order to guarantee votes from the leftward fringe of this district.

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Immediately before the election, Kratovil now owns up (at least to some voters) to being part of “TEAM OBAMA”. He has promoted a scheme for the government takeover of our health care system – currently the finest in the world. Frank Kratovil’s vision is one of rationing and standing on queue for even the most basic services. Kratovil is on board the Obama train for “Spreading the Wealth” – an economic disaster in the making.

Kratovil’s stance on issues affecting the traditional family is also highly questionable. Kratovil is on record as supporting same-sex marriage (calling it “civil union”), a stance far outside the mainstream with First District voters. His stance on other social issues more closely reflect the views of Nancy Pelosi than those of the hard working, church going people of the Eastern Shore.

Worse than arguments over basic philosophy and policy is Kratovil’s ability to flip-flop on issues at will. While I may not agree with Harris on every issue, he has proven to be a man of his word. When he makes a commitment, he appears to keep it. In contrast, Kratovil doesn’t hesitate from telling a group of Democrat partisans that he supports an issues such as the government’s trillion dollar bail-out package, while telling a group of non-partisans that he is opposed to the scheme. TRUST is a key issue with this candidate.

Kratovil has based his entire campaign on two tag lines – “Independent” and “Tough Prosecutor”. One week before the election it was revealed that Kratovil was taking campaign contributions from defense attorneys whose clients Kratovil was charged with prosecuting. As for independence, his allegiance to “TEAM OBAMA”, and all that entails, makes the question of his “Independence” questionable at best.

Oddly, some of the very votes that Kratovil has used to attack Harris prove Harris’ independence and commitment to stand on principle rather than simple political expedience or allegiance to party. While I am sure that I will not agree with every vote made by a Congressman Harris, we are confident that he will represent the First District first, and foremost. Just as importantly, I am confident that a Congressman Harris will always put principle before partisanship and his values before expediency.

As Ronald Reagan proved in the 1970’s and ’80’s, leadership and commitment to principle lead to solutions when many of us feel overwhelmed. Andy Harris is who we need during these economically uncertain and morally relativistic times.

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