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$1.6 Million for …. Indepenence?

The DCCC has pledged to spend $1.6 million to get their pal Frank Kratovil into Congress.  Given the huge sum and the far left leanings of the DCCC leadership, we have to chuckle at their latest ad:


Sure, that’s what the DCCC is paying for.  Of course, you also have to consider the source …

The Baltimore Sun – have they ever endorsed a conservative candidate?

The Annapolis Capital – another bastion of mainstream views.

The Star Democrat – one of their sister publications just printed a fraudulent ad from “Republicans for Obama” and their publisher refused to print a letter denouncing the deception.

The Daily Times – attempted to smear Andy Harris with a false story, under a false byline which they were forced to correct.

I’m sure that we could expect a Congressman Kratovil to be almost as “independent” as the papers that support him.

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