You Can’t Hide Your Lyin Eyes

Barack Obama is flat out lying about his ties to William Ayers.

… and Robert Gibbs’ smile is a thin disguise

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Obama supporters say this is just a desperate attempt by the McCain campaign. That may be true…from a point of view focused slowely on spinning news coverage and winning a campaign.

However, the facts of Obama’s connection to Ayers raise questions about Obama’s judgement or lack thereof, and his worldview. Considering that Obama is likely to win the election, this indeed does matter, a great deal.

Ayers’ view of America as a fundamentally racist and oppressive society has not changed since his Weather Underground days. He is unrepentant. Instead of planting bombs, Ayers like many Sixties radicals made the long march through academe. Ayers transmits that same rage and hatred of America through his educational work. Ayers believes that the primary goal of schools is to create activists to resist American oppression.

Through the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Obama funnelled millions of dollars to Ayers radical educational causes, like his “small schools” project where students would be indoctrinated with Ayers radical worldview.

Obama worked with Ayers to block sensible juvenile crime legislation in Illinois. Obama unequivocally endorsed Ayers book on juvenile crime, which compared American society to South African apartheid.

Obama’s excuse that he was seven years old when Ayers bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol is true… but wholly irrelevant, to the argument at hand.

It was Obama the adult who provided financial and political support to Ayers. Obama supporters say he detests Ayers past violent actions. The Obama campaign claims that this is nothing more than, “Smear groups and the McCain campaign are trying to connect Obama to acts Ayers committed 40 years ago…”

No it isn’t. They are responding to an argument no one made. The issue is about Obama’s judgement and values, which led him to be an active sponsor of Ayers radical education agenda.

No wonder–when pressed with the facts and when MSM shill pieces (their only source of evidence) are debunked–lefties like Adam Pagnucco declare the debate over.

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