Whine Fest at Kamp Kratovil

Tough times tend to show the stuff a man is made of.  For Democrat congressional candidate Frank Kratovil, a lack of character becomes more and more apparent as Election Day becomes a stone’s throw away.

Electoral politics is a rough and tumble business.  Some of us may not like it, but that’s simply the way it is.  There is also a purpose to the seeming melee of campaign season.  How does candidate X react to pressure?  How does candidate Y face a series of blistering attacks?

Whether you agree with him or not, Maryland Sen. Andy Harris takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  He’s straight about where he stands on issues.  He doesn’t waffle.

As Harris stated at their last debate just a few days ago, “I’m a right of center guy, I’m a conservative guy”.  Harris has stood firm in his support of lower taxes and a pro-economic growth policies.

Kratovil claims to be “independent”.  Yet, mail is going out to households (those self-identified as liberal or “progressive”) throughout the First District asking recipients to:

Support the Obama Team!
Vote for Frank Kratovil

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Mail going to independent or Republican households imply that Kratovil isn’t even a Democrat.  Kratovil takes one stance on an issue before one group, the opposite stance before another.

Personally, I normally wouldn’t care.  It’s simply part of the rough and tumble of electoral politics.  The problem is that Frank Kratovil loves to dish it out, but he can’t take it.  That’s evidence of a severe character flaw.

Kratovil claims that the Harris campaign “lied” in certain ads.  He’s cried foul to almost every media outlet in the district and, not surprisingly, they’ve accommodated him.

However, when Kratovil stands before a group of citizens at a debate and claims that Harris “is supported by a Wall Street group who he received over a million dollars from in the primary”  this is perfectly OK.  This charge is patently false and Kratovil knows it.

Kratovil takes money from Big Labor – money extorted from hard working men and women – and thinks that’s OK.  Andy Harris is endorsed by a grassroots group (Club for Growth) that has nothing to do with Wall Street and never gave Harris anywhere near $1 million (that would be illegal).  However, Frank Kratovil has stated time and again that CFG is a “Wall Street group”.  The DCCC has made huge ad buys running a piece that states this as well.

Kratovil implies that Harris has a conflict because health insurance PAC’s have donated to his campaign.  Why then, does Kratovil whine like a baby when it is pointed out that heis taking money from lawyers representing criminals Kratovil is charged with prosecuting?

I have yet to see Andy Harris whine about Kratovil’s false statements.  He merely points them out, corrects them, and goes about his business.

The latest chapter in the Kratovil Whine Fest is the release of information by the Harris campaign that Frank Kratovil is taking campaign contributions from criminal defense attorneys who have clients being prosecuted by Kratovil.  The facts are simple.  Kratovil takes thousands of dollars from lawyers who defend child molesters, drug dealers, and thieves.  Kratovil later drops all, or most, of the charges.

Kratovil is whining like a child claiming that Harris is accusing him of “pay for play” (my polite term for bribery).  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There is no question that Kratovil is taking money from lawyers who have cases pending before him.  The record is indisputable.  Harris points out that this is, at best, an apparent conflict of interest.  He has never accused Kratovil of doing anything illegal.  Why bother?  Lawyers right the rules and they make sure that they can things that the rest of us can’t.

In the latest twist to this fiasco, Kratovil went begging to his fellow state’s attorneys asking for cover.  Given that they probably all do the same thing, and that they are overwhelmingly Democrats, they complied.

Now we have a criminal defense attorneys who gave to Kratovil claiming that “Frank Kratovil had nothing to do with the cases we had in Queen Anne’s County”.  To quote Peter O’Neill, a defense attorney who not only contributed to Kratovil’s campaign, he hosted a fundraiser –

“He had no involvement in it. None,”

Let’s assume that O’Neill is correct.  What happened to “Frank Kratovil – Tough Prosecutor”.  According to O’Neill, Kratovil doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own office.  I shudder to think what kind of a Congressman he would make.

Show some character Frank.  Fight your own battles.  You’ll be better off in the long run.

The bottom line is a simple one.  Can we really expect Frank Kratovil to be a Congressman who represents the interests of his constituents under the constant pressure brought to bear by Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Chris Van Hollen and an army of lobbyists when he can’t handle the pressure of a campaign without whining all of time?

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