When Is A Lie OK? … When Frank Kratovil Tells It

Is it ever OK to tell a lie?  If you are a liberal, it seems that lies are perfectly acceptable … if it is liberals who are telling the lie.  This appears to be the philosophy of the self-identified “independent”, “moderate” congressional candidate Frank Kratovil.

Kratovil’s campaign is claiming that his opponent, Maryland Sen. Andy Harris, is unfit to serve in Congress because of his refusal to pull an ad which Kratovil claims is “blatantly dishonest”.  To Kratovil’s sycophantic supporters it matters not that the “evidence” that Kratovil was misquoted is based on an edited audio.

How pure is Frank Kratovil?  Well, Kratovil has run ads that are blatantly untrue.  Research performed by Michael Swartz over at MonoBlogue shows that both a TV ad AND printed material discussing Andy Harris’ legislative record is “misleading”, to put it kindly.  IF TV are the standard, this makes Kratovil not only a liar but a hypocrite – even if his accusations about Harris are accurate; something I’m not sure about.

One reason that the Kratovil campaign won’t release the complete audio of the SU event where he claims that the Daily Times misquoted him is the simple fact that this would verify a greater example of Kratovil’s truth handicap.  It was at the same event that Frank Kratovil said that he supported the trillion dollar federal bailout – while claiming that he opposed it the very next night at Cecil Community College.

Frank knows that everyone loves a flip-flopper, and this is a biggie.  No wonder that PolitickerMD is the only outlet that has covered it.  We would never expect the Baltimore Sun or the Daily Times to expend ink on a story that would harm a liberal.

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What, then, is the media consensus?  A lie is perfectly OK – as long as a liberal like Frank Kratovil is the one telling it.

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