Weldon on the Mount

Yeah, there is video of Weldon leaving the Republican Party (H/T to Wally Edge for this find):

Digest that for a second…

Now think about it for a minute.

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Rick Weldon’s “soul searching and contemplation” led him to decide he needed to leave the party because leaders “focus on ideology rather than ideas.” He worked for Republicans and supported many core principals on the party. And now he doesn’t I guess.

If Weldon wants to focus more on “doing what’s best for Frederick County” as opposed to politics that’s fine. But as an elected official he should have been doing that in the first place; any elected official regardless of their party or ideology should support positions that believe are in the best interests of their constituents, even if I don’t agree with them.

But this holier than thou attitude is a little too much to swallow. What a self-serving load of crap.


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