Thought of the Day: Colin Powell

OK, so former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a black republican, is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama, the democratic candidate for President. Thought of the day, what will those who for years called Powell either a Sellout or Uncle Tom say? Yes, I am asking that. We all know for years Black and Republican do not necessarily go together, and when they do, the one involved is subjected to attacks that you would expect from racists.

So I am going to ask this question, the very people who hurled these insults to Sen. Colin Powell, what will they say about him now? Will they say, he is trying to be black? OR, will they say, he finally realized that he is black? I was just thinking about that earlier today. Personally, I hope they keep their mouths shut, but that’s just me. But you have to wonder, what will they say….thought of the day.

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