The Truth According to Kratovil

Does Frank Kratovil ever tell the truth?  I’m sure he does.  Like the the broken clock which tell the correct time twice a day, congressional candidate Frank Kratovil probably tells the truth on occasion.  Unfortunately for the citizens of Maryland’s First District, he hasn’t been doing it much lately.

Case in point – the Trillion Dollar Federal Bailout. (I know that they said $700 billion, but the price tag seems to be rising by the minute.)  On Monday, I stood in Holloway Hall at Salisbury University and watched Frank Kratovil state that he supported the bailout proposal which passed the US House last Friday.  Tuesday night, Frank Kratovil stood before a crowd in North East and said that he opposed the bailout.

From PolitickerMD

Harris continued: “Mr. Kratovil supported the bailout plan passed last Friday. Now you don’t get a bigger break for Wall Street than that bailout plan. In fact, he went so far as to say, just yesterday, that the crisis is solved. Ladies and gentlemen, the crisis isn’t solved,” said Harris.

Kratovil denounced Harris’s claims, saying he didn’t favor the bailout at all.

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“I didn’t like the pork either, and I would not have voted for it. And I did not say the crisis was solved. What I said is our country tends to deal with issues on a crisis by crisis basis,” said Kratovil.

Harris refused to step back and continued questioning Kratovil’s motives.

“Mr. Kratovil. Just pick up The Daily Times,” said Harris. “It’s in quotes. It says quote ‘we solved the crisis.’ Now which is it? What you said yesterday in Salisbury or what you’re saying today in Cecil College? I don’t get it.”

Either Kratovil is detached from reality, in which case his family should seek medical help for the man, or he is lying.

There is no question that Kratovil stated on Monday that he supported the bailout plan.  There is also no question that the Daily Times quoted Kratovil as claiming, “We solved the crisis…”.  What is in question is Frank Kratovil’s ability to be honest with the people of the First District.

Another issue where Kratovil seems to have problems with the truth is regarding energy policy.  In press interviews earlier in the year, Kratovil is quoted as being opposed to opening new areas (including offshore) to oil and gas exploration.  Since polls have shown that this is a view opposed by the vast majority of Americans (and First District voters), Kratovil is now trying to claim that he doesn’t oppose all new exploration:

“He says no new exploration in any new areas including the areas that are open for leases already,” said Harris. “I disagree.”

Kratovil responded by disputing Harris’s claim.

“I have not suggested that we should not open, ever open any additional areas for drilling. What I have said, ladies and gentleman, is why are we talking about drilling off the coast of Ocean City before we know why we’re not drilling in the areas that are already available,” said Kratovil. “So I’ve never said that.”

Harris shot back, again, by referencing his opponents past remarks.

“Well, you don’t have to believe what I say. Go to The Star-Democrat,” said Harris. “Mr. Kratovil said quote ‘don’t open up new areas for exploration for oil.’ That’s not what I said. That’s what he said. He says something different now than what he says then. You’ll have to ask him about that.”

Kratovil can’t even decide who his opponent is.  Kratovil has stated previously that Andy Harris is an extremist who is even out of touch with his own party.  He has even run TV ads stating the same thing.  Yet, on Tuesday night Kratovil claimed that Harris was simply a politician who decided on issues by “putting his finger to the wind”.  “What people wanna do is say what people want to hear. That’s what my opponent consistently does.”

Which is it Frank?  Well, today’s Thursday.  I guess that wherever Frank Kratovil is speaking today the folks will here a new version of “the truth according to Kratovil”.

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