The Rule of Law Doesn’t Apply to Liberals

We all know that liberalism is about feelings and conservatism is about ideas.  The rule of law is a set of ideas (and ideals) which separate us, not only from the animals, but from third world countries as well.  Sadly, liberals don’t believe that the rule of law should apply (unless it’s somehow to their advantage.

Our friend Eric Leudtke, over at Free State Politics, believes that the Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois (that’s Barack Obama’s motherland of Chicago for those who failed geography) is a hero.  Why?  It seems that the good Sheriff has failed to do his sworn duty by refusing to carry out any more evictions until the Illinoise legislature changes the law to prevent renters from being evicted because the properties were foreclosed on.

Is the Sheriff’s sentiment admirable?  Perhaps.  Is his method of implementing change right?  Absolutely not.

I am sure that we all feel for these folks who may lose their homes through no fault of their own.  The current law in Illinois may be bad.  (I don’t know since I am neither an attorney nor an Illinois resident.)  However I do know that allowing elected officials, particularly elected officials with guns, to ignore the law because they feel it is unjust is dangerous.

If the good Sheriff, Thomas J. Dart, is true to his beliefs, then perhaps he is willing to go to jail to prevent further injustice.  However, I doubt that is the case.  Unlike the 1960’s, today’s liberal believes that there should be no consequences for civil disobedience.  There is also little chance of an Illinois state judge ordering the incarceration of Dart for contempt (every eviction order is a court order).

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Dart makes a persuasive argument as to why many of these eviction orders are bad. As a sworn officer, Dart has a remedy.  Go to court and ask a judge to vacate the orders.  He’s not doing that.  Instead he is taking the law into his own hands – a leftist form of vigilantism.

Think back to the 1950’s and 1960’s.  One of the reasons given for federal civil rights legislation was the FACT that state and local law enforcement would often refuse to protect the basic constitutional rights of African-Americans.  We should all agree that this was a bad thing.  However, Dart is somehow a hero for doing the same thing – refusing to uphold the law.

But this is different!  His heart is in the right place.  He’s doing it for the children!

Dart’s heart may be in the right place.  Hell, he might even be doing it for the children.  That does not negate the fact that he does not have a right to pick and choose which laws he will obey.

Liberals like our friend Eric don’t see it that way.  That’s because “feelings” trump the rule of law.  This is why our nation will sink if liberals actually do get a firm control on this country.  We’ll be no better than Cuba or Venezuela.

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