The Liberal Double Standard Continues

New York City’s teacher’s union – the United Federation of Teachers – is suing to lift a ban on teachers wearing partisan political buttons at school.  Their claim is that the ban violates teachers’ right to free speech.

The rule sends “the wrong message to our students,” UFT president Randi Weingarten said in a statement.

“We are just weeks away from a landmark presidential election that is being discussed in classrooms and at dinner tables across the nation,” she said.

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“Students can only benefit from being exposed to and engaged in a dialogue about current events, civic responsibilities and the political process.”

All of this sounds lovely.  If the members of the UFT were actually teaching Johnny to read, I would be far more impressed.

Liberals groups like the UFT don’t seem to have a problem suing employers to prevent fellow employees from (GASP!) keeping a bible on their desks.  If they walked into a local business and saw signs promoting conservative candidates, they would want to take off from work (with full pay, of course) to protest those evil conservatives and their link to corporate greed.

While I firmly believe that political speech is the most protected speech, I also realize that teachers running around school with Obama buttons certainly doesn’t foster “a dialogue about current events”.  It amounts to propaganda.

If free speech was really the issue, unions wouldn’t be pushing to end the secret ballot for union elections.  If free speech were really the issue, unions such as the UFT would not be opposed to a ban on MANDATORY dues money being spent on partisan political activity.

No.  As usual, the only “free” speech is liberal speech.

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