The Importance of Roasting ACORN

It took long enough, but finally we are starting to go somewhere with the fraud being perpetrated by the folks at ACORN, with the launch of an FBI investigation on Thursday. The Examiner is suggesting using RICO on ACORN. It took a while, but finally we are moving in the right direction on this.

A lot of people on the left seem to not understand why this fraud being perpetrated by ACORN matters. But when you come down to brass tacks, the issue goes to the fundamental nature of elections in our representative government. The people of each district, the people of each state get the opportunity to vote for their representatives and government officials. One person’s vote is worth no more than the vote of another. The ballot box is the ultimate equalizer in that regard.

But that equalizer only works if everybody is playing by the same set of rules. If you are registering people illegally, or registering dogs, or children, or fictional characters (all of which have been done by ACORN employees) then you are undermining the basic premise of our representative government. At the end of the day, what matters most is that the person elected to serve best represents the will of the people. When you are talking about voter fraud, the entire process gets questioned.

Don’t believe it happens? Read what David Kyle has to say on the matter:

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Having personally witness a car with three people going to three different polls in the 2004 election, I know it takes place. At the third polling place I went up to the Head Judge and pointed them out. Two of them saw me and frantically tried to get the third to leave the table where he was already trying to vote. Because of my challenge they made him cast a provisional ballot. There is no way of knowing how many times these people voted before being challenged. The car was registered to a person in Crofton, and there are many precincts between there and Pasadena.

And this was before Maryland Democrats jumped aboard the Early Voting Bandwagon, a mechanism that will provide even greater opportunities for perpetuating voter fraud.

Legitimate organizing groups should be encouraged to undertake legitimate voter registration drives, regardless of their political slant. The problem is that ACORN has proven time and time again to lack legitimacy in this area, particularly troubling when they are being investigated in several states, the yes they were represented by Barack Obama and received funding from his campaign.

Until we implement common sense laws such as requiring voter identification at the polling place, bad things like this are going to continue to happen. And that’s why ACORN’s scandalous and nefarious activities need to be exposed.


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