Queen Anne’s Democrats – With Help of Media – Run False Ad

Just the other night, at the last debate of this congressional election, Queen Anne’s County States Attorney Frank Kratovil closed his remarks by calling an ad for Andy Harris “a lie”.  Fair enough, even liberals like Frank have a right to their opinion.  Yet, Kratovil’s OWN Democrat Central Committee has run an ad that is not only misleading, they lie about who paid for the ad.

The Kent Island Bay Times published an ad yesterday, claiming to be published by “Republicans for Obama, Eastern Shore“.  The ad states that it was paid for by:

QA Cty Central Committee, Nancy Hagman, Treasurer

Any normal reader would infer that this ad was paid for by the Queen Anne’s County REPUBLICAN Central Committee.  It clearly says that this ad is from REPUBLICANS for Obama.  They would be wrong.  Nancy Hagman is the Treasurer of the QA County DEMOCRAT Central Committee.

Who would know?  Do you know who the Treasurer of your county central committee is?  Only political junkies know who the members of their local central committees are.  The rest of us are more concerned about our jobs, mortgages and how to pay for the kids’ college.

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Chesapeake Publishing owns the Kent Island Bay Times.  When the error was pointed out to them, they refused to run a letter from the QA County Republican Central Committee explaining the error.

Should we believe that this was just “an innocent mistake”?  Not when the publisher refuses to print a response by the injured party.

It is unfortunate when the media conspires with their leftist friends to decieve the public they claim to serve.  Should we be surprised?  I wonder if Frank Kratovil will call this a lie as well.

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