Nutty Sun Editorials

The Sun editorial board has produced its fair share of craptacular editorials over the years. Their latest endeavor however, may take the top prize for its spectacular inanity. The Sun actually defends ACORN, the “community organizers” at the center of voter-registration fraud cases in 13 states. Of course, for the Sun only Republicans are capable of election fraud.

The editorial states, “Last year, ACORN paid a fine to Washington state and agreed to change its procedures after some workers were charged with fraud.”

Frankly, this is like saying Cal Ripken was just some guy who played for the Orioles. While both statements are factually true, they completely understate the proper context.

The fact of the matter is that ACORN committed what Washington Secretary of State, Sam Reed labeled, “worst case of voter-registration fraud in state history.”

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In 2006, the feds indicted ACORN workers in Kansas City for submitting multiple applications from the same person and submitting names of dead people.

Just two days ago in Ohio the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections asked the county prosecutor to investigate ACORN for registration fraud.

One of the new voters, Freddie Johnson, 19, of Cleveland, said he signed 73 voter registration forms over a five-month period. In return, ACORN canvassers gave him cigarettes or cash, about $20 in all

ACORN is also under investigation in Nevada.

Investigators also identified a Nevada woman, Roberta Casteel, who had not registered to vote but whose voter-registration application was submitted to the state by ACORN. How, then, did the ACORN workers find her name, driver’s license number and Social Security number? Here’s one clue: Casteel’s purse was stolen last year, she said. Now how would state inmates living in a halfway house know about that?

The Sun, and ACORN defenders respond that ACORN follows sate law by submitting all registration forms it receives, and ACORN says it fires any workers who commit registration fraud. Again—on the surface—this is true. However, ACORN has been involved in these types of cases since 2004. Yet the same ACORN shenanigans keep appearing.

The Sun ends its “argument” by stating:

Real voter fraud – the intentional corruption of the electoral process by a
voter – happens at the polls, not when new voters try to register. So far,
ACORN’s accusers haven’t come up with convincing evidence to back up their

This is nonsense on stilts. You can’t get in the voting booth to fradulently pull the lever unless there is a fradulent registration allowing you into in the booth. What’s worse, here in Maryland you wouldn’t even need to show fradulent identification matching a fradulent registration to cast a fradulent vote.

Maybe the Sun is just covering for its preferred presidential candidate, who paid ACORN more than $800,000 for GOTV efforts.

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