Michael Steele for RNC Chair?

With all due respect to our former Lt. Governor, why would we wish to have a moderate as head of our party?  Have we learned nothing from the past few years?

Let’s see, Michael Steele supported a liberal over a conservative in the First District congressional primary.  Steele is more closely aligned with the same moderate party power structure that has effectively surrendered the Reagan Revolution to Bush’s “big government conservatism” (an oxymoron if ever there was one).

Steele is a fine man.  I am sure that he has a bright future before him.  Does this mean that we should make him RNC Chairman?  I think that the GOP wants to go back to it’s pre-Goldwater days – the party of big business and permanent minorities.

Social issues (particularly when the GOP simply panders to “values voters”) will never put the GOP in the majority.  Economic issues will always be pre-eminent in the grand coalition that brings a GOP majority.

While we wish the Honorable Mr. Steele well, we do not wish to see him or any of his philosophical allies wielding the gavel at the RNC.  When the final tally of Congressional seats is announced in two weeks – you will see why.

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