McCain’s Virginia rally (and other stuff)

A good friend of mine attended John McCain’s rally in Woodbridge, VA earlier today and allowed me to share her photos of the event.

Unfortunately, that’s probably about as close as anyone on either ticket is going to get to Maryland during the campaign. In essence we’re the flyover country of this Presidential race.

While she was in Woodbridge I was in Salisbury running the Wicomico County GOP booth at our Autumn Wine Festival. I’ll have pictures tomorrow but I did jot down some thoughts about the day.

First of all, while the crowds were down somewhat from the 2007 version (understandable given the cloudy and very chilly weather for mid-October) the excitement of people visiting our booth was hard to miss.

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When I stocked the items, I opted to bring about a half-dozen McCain/Palin yard signs and roughly 60 McCain/Palin bumper stickers. As it turned out, I made two trips back to our headquarters to replenish the yard sign supply and also picked up another 50 or so stickers – by 5 p.m. we had gone through everything McCain including placards. Most of my Andy Harris stuff was gone too except for maybe a dozen bumper stickers and two yard signs.

The good news is that we’ll be able to sell McCain/Palin buttons and T-shirts tomorrow and something tells me those will go like hotcakes.

Obviously with all those trips back and forth I didn’t exactly keep track of our opposite number on the local political scene; the Democrats made their every-other-year pilgrimage to the AWF (we’ve had a booth for at least the last three years straight.) What I do know is that they were gone well before the actual end of festivities but it wasn’t because they were out of items. I did see a few Obama items carried about so it wasn’t a total shutout for them; however, I believe they didn’t have nearly the interest we did.

But I had a good time and met some nice folks at the Wine Fest – tomorrow the gates open at 12:30 and we’ll have more stuff.

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