Maryland In Top Ten States For Budget Shortfall

According to Business Week. So what will Uncle Marty and the Dems do?

Well, considering that last year with a $1.5 billion shortfall, they passed a $1.3 billion tax bill and cut spending by a mere $270 million, my guess is that to cover the $1.1 billion expected shortfall, you will see about $800 million in new taxes and just $300 million in cuts at the outside.

Democrats will put increasing pressure on the public sector unions and other Democratic constituencies to pass the slots referendum in order to addict the state to the slots money. Finally, if Marty’s buddy Barack is elected (heaven help us), don’t be surprised to see Uncle Marty making the rounds of Capitol Hill to get a federal bailout. So instead of just foisting their spendthrift ways on Marylanders, MOM and the General Assembly Democrats want to make the problem all of America’s.


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