Lillian Hellman Pagnucco

I once bestowed the Lillian Hellman title on Young Master Kujan. However, I now confer that label to Adam Pagnucco. Writer Mary McCarthy once said of the Stalinist playwright Lillian Hellman, who defended the Moscow Trials, “every word she writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.” When it comes to accurately portraying what I write, that appellation fits Pagnucco.

When he is not busy deliberately mischaracterizing what I write, he cherry picks quotes and responds to arguments I never made.

Friday August 1, 2008 Pagnucco writes:

On Red Maryland, Mark Newgent justifies the spying because the anti-death penalty protestors may have included members of the American Friends Service Committee…

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Here is what I actually wrote:

The shady past of the American Friends Service Committee AFSC, (ties to Harold Ware’s Soviet spy ring, support for the Khmer Rouge and acting as pre-war lickspittles for Saddam Hussein) which is featured prominently in the reports could well have been a factor in MSP’s decision to initiate an investigation. In the intelligence field, a lot of decisions come down to judgment calls. In retrospect the MSP should have ended the surveillance much earlier than it did. Quite clearly, continuing the operation was a bad call. If only those involved in deciding the matter had the benefit of hindsight.

That is of course NOT justifying the MSP operation. It is speculation on the reasons why MSP initated the operation. If the mischaracterization were not so deliberate I would have used flashcards and hand puppets for Pagnucco to understand my point.

If that was not enough, Pagnucco doubles down on that stunt by twisting that same paragraph out of context.

Thursday October 8, 2008 Pagnucco writes:

Now when is Keith [Olbermann] going to find out about conservative blogger Mark Newgent, who said the victims of the police spying had a “shady past”?

When any honest person reads what I wrote, you quite clearly see I said AFSC the organization had a shady past, not the contemporary victims of the MSP operation. A huge distinction Pagnucco deliberately ignores.

Pagnucco once cited a Washington Post article, which stated Bob Ehrlich was unaware of the MSP operation, as proof that Ehrlich ordered the operation.

See the pattern.

I even opened the door to Pagnucco for a conversation about polices, procedures, and oversight of intelligence agencies in a free society. The silence was deafening.

I wonder if Pagnucco’s crapweasel tactics are SOP for union organizing?

Given that Keith Olbermann is an unhinged, juvenile dope, I would love to be named Worst Person in the World. It would be a badge of honor, a hell of lot more honorable than continuing the tradition of the despicable Lillian Hellman.

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