I Didn’t Know That John Kerry Was Running in Maryland

I had to “opportunity” to attend the Frank Kratovil dog and pony show in Salisbury yesterday. As Yogi Bera said – it was deja vu all over again. I thought that I was having a flashback from the John Kerry for President campaign. We were treated to Kratovil’s having opposed the federal bailout before he supported it and Kratovil again stated his support for amnesty for illegal aliens.

For purposes of disclosure, yesterday’s show was a Young Dem event. This was NOT mentioned in the press release I received regarding the event. Had Kratovil’s campaign been honest about the event I wouldn’t have raised a stink about it yesterday. Of course, I doubt any media would have showed up either. Kratovil’s release made the event appear as if it was an SU event.

But I digress. Sen. Barbara Mikulski got up and did her duty for party and the liberal cause. She explained to the group of students that they all needed to get out and work for Barack Obama and Frank Kratovil. As usual, she was pretty impressive. I don’t agree with Sen. Mikulski on much, but I have always admired her constituent service and her willingness to take a stand.

We were then treated to the world according to Frank Kratovil. There was no mention of Barack Obama. Kratovil wants a balanced budget; but then told us about all of the new spending he supports. I guess he’ll be supporting defense cuts and raising taxes.

Kratovil told us that “we have to do something about illegal immigration”. Of course he didn’t tell us what he wanted to do.

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It was when the audience was allowed to ask questions that things started to unravel for “Blue Dog Frank”. The first question was about the $700 billion (watch it rise to over $1 trillion) federal bailout. “Did you support the bailout?”

In true Kerry-esque fashion, Kratovil explained that he was against Monday’s bailout bill but, after provisions covering oversight and executive compensation were added in, he supported Friday’s bill. There’s just one problem Frank – those oversight and executive compensation provisions were in Monday’s bill.

So Frank, what was the difference between Monday’s and Friday’s bill? $140 billion in PORK! Now we know where Frank Kratovil stands on fiscal policy as well as the federal bailout – I’m against it until you lard it up!

Fortunately for Kratovil, Barbara Mikulski took the microphone away from him and explained why we should all support the bailout. I believe that she was wrong, but again – she took a stand. At least she wasn’t wavering back and forth like a drunken sailor.

Two other issues came up in Q&A which I thought were quite revealing. Again Kratovil expressed his support for the Bush amnesty proposal. Kratovil has claimed in the past that he’ll be tough on illegal immigration. However, when pressed he states that we should do two things:

  • Open up more slots for legal immigration. (a real tough stance since most Americans support this)
  • Make those who came here illegally “get to the back of the line”.

Translation – Frank Kratovil doesn’t want to deport illegal immigrants. He just wants them to wait a little longer until they can get a green card. We all saw how well that worked back in 1986.

The other issue that was quite revealing is Kratovil’s changed stance on the war in Iraq. Now Kratovil supports a timetable for removal of our troops. As someone who has opposed the war from the start, I also have a long enough memory to realize that once we announce a timetable, our enemies will simply lay back until we leave and enslave the Iraqi people all over again.

Once this nation committed troops, we should have been fighting to win. The surge – something initially opposed by the Bush administration and opposed by Barack Obama – has proven successful. While I want our troops home as soon as possible, I can’t understand why someone like Frank Kratovil would support a policy that will not only lead to the defeat of our objectives in Iraq, but would make the sacrifices of our young men and women in vain.

But don’t worry. There’s still three weeks left until the election. Kratovil will probably change his mind a couple more times between now and then.

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