Frank Kratovil – We Solved the Crisis

“We solved the crisis, but we don’t always do something to solve the issue.”  These are the words of Democrat Congressional candidate Frank Kratovil in regards to the financial bailout passed last week by Congress.

Does anyone really believe that the crisis is solved?  As I am writing this, the Dow Jones Industrial average is below 9800.  Kratovil’s running mate, Barack Obama is trying to convince Americans that we are entering a new Great Depression and that “The One” is the only person capable of solving our problems.  There is no question that we are in a recession that will deepen before things get better.  Yet, Frank Kratovil – the man who claims to be all things to all people – says that the CRISIS IS SOLVED!

Sure Frank.  Each time I go to fill up my gas tank I know that thanks to you and your liberal buddies the CRISIS IS SOLVED!  As I am trying to figure out how to pay for one more kid in college, I know that the CRISIS IS SOLVED!  As my wife and I struggle to pay our bills each month I know that the CRISIS IS SOLVED!

I have to admit that Frank Kratovil has pulled off a pretty good trick.  Kratovil hasn’t even been elected to Congress yet and he as managed to SOLVE THE CRISIS.  Just imagine what he would be able to do if the people of the First District were foolish enough to actually elect him.

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