Dow Down 733.08 …

… but I thought Frank Kratovil solved the crisis.

A little over a week ago, Democrat congressional candidate Frank Kratovil told an audience of Young Democrats at Salisbury University that “We solved the crisis“.  Yet, since the federal bailout – supported by Kratovil – the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 17%.

Imagine.  In less than two weeks, we have seen the Dow fall from 10,325.38 (on the day the bailout bill passed) to 8,877.91 (yesterday).  I wonder why Kratovil is whining about a new commercial highlighting his claim that “We solved the crisis“:

I know that the crisis sure isn’t solved for me as I have my second child go off to college next year.  I know that it’s not solved for retired people like my uncle who is concerned about the rapidly falling value of a life’s savings.

What is the Kratovil campaign’s response?  To lie about it.

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“It’s pointless to argue,” (Kratovil press Secretary Kevin) Lawlor told “It was corrected in the newspaper.”

Really Kevin.  I guess it was corrected just like Frank Kratovil is “an independent moderate”.  I have copies of the corrections for the “Daily Times” every day since the original article ran in print.  No correction.

Should we be surprised?  Not really.

I stood in Holloway Hall at Salisbury University and listened to Frank Kratovil explain that he supported the federal bailout.  The next night at Cecil Community College Kratovil told the audience that he opposed it.  And we’re supposed to believe that Andy Harris is twisting his words?

I don’t think so Frank.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal, nobody likes a flip-flopper.  We can’t trust you.

When you are so free with the truth that you will stand up before a group of people that you want to represent in Congress and lie to them about something that you told another group of citizens just a day before we have to really question want kind of person you are.  In the case of Frank Kratovil, I think we have the answer.

The economy may me going to hell in a hand basket, but to Frank THE CRISIS IS SOLVED.

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