3 Things McCain Didn’t Say That He Should Have

The race is winding down, and for once I’m agreeing with Nancy Pelosi that Obama has won this thing. While it is always easy to Monday morning quarterback, here are 3 things that I think could have worked in this election.

1) Responded to Obama’s tax cut claim by pointing out that Obama considers part of his tax cut the fact that he is giving even more money to people that don’t pay taxes in the first place. Is that a middle class tax cut? No, that is another handout to folks that aren’t contributing to the economy. Reignite people’s anger over entitlements, handouts and welfare. Even Bill Clinton supported Welfare to Work, is Obama going to push to reverse that?

2) Driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. Obama strongly supports giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and McCain should have come out and talked about how bad that would be. If you play this topic up in strong manufacturing states (what the pundits call working class) you make the concern about illegal aliens stealing American jobs. Look at what jobs illegal aliens take, they are manual labor and manufacturing jobs. Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin… States where McCain is getting hit hard on outsourcing American jobs. Respond that Obama is “insourcing” American jobs. I know that McCain was hit hard because of his amnesty position, but he can “nuance” and show how much worse Obama would be on the topic.

3) Forget Bill Ayers, talk about Tony Rezko. I know Mark Newgent has a particular affinity to the Bill Ayers argument, and the whole domestic terrorist thing is pretty big… but let’s talk about honesty and integrity. Tony Rezko bought the land next to Obama’s house so that Obama didn’t have to live next to ordinary people. Tony Rezko was indicted for bribery etc…

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And Colin Powell owes McCain an apology. Anybody that saw his press conference afterwards saw where Powell said part of his endorsement was because of McCain saying Obama was a muslim terrorist. McCain has been booed by Republican crowds for correcting audience members about this… The reality is that McCain hosts town halls where he lets audience members talk, whereas Obama’s road show is a tightly choreographed affair.

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