Why the NFIB’s Endorsement of Andy Harris Speaks Volumes

The other day, Maryland Sen. Andy Harris received the endorsements of both the US Chamber of Commerce AND the NFIB – the National Federation of Independent Business.  Both endorsements point to the strong, pro-economic growth stance of Harris.  However, the NFIB endorsement tells us something more.

The NFIB represents SMALL business.  Sure, the US Chamber endorsement will help in fundraising.  It may even help in visibility.  It shows that Harris supports strong pro-growth policies.  However, the NFIB endorsement speaks volumes as to why Reagan conservatives not only support Andy Harris for Congress, but do so with great enthusiasm.

Back in the day, meaning when Ronald Reagan was the leader of our movement and the GOP, being pro-business meant being in favor of ALL business.  Corporate welfare was something for liberals and moderates to employ, not us.  We supported lower taxes, reduced regulation AND equal opportunity.  We understood that, while all businesses should have have their place in the market, it is SMALL BUSINESS that drives US economic growth.  Sure, your local mom and pop grocer or restaurant wasn’t going to make the front page of the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.  However, we knew where job growth occured.

Move the clock forward twenty years.  The GOP has become the US Chamber party.  It supports corporate welfare and subsidy.  Job growth is stagnant as large corporations increasingly move production offshore.  Big Business lobbies such as the US Chamber surely have their place.  They just don’t represent the same same pro-growth, pro-opportunity beliefs supported by those of us who still cling to the Reagan ideal.

While the two groups may ascribe to some of the same policy solutions, they come at it from different angles.  The US Chamber supports policies that will help its members – period.  The NFIB starts with a core philosophy, understanding that advocating policy solutions is only a method of implementing that core philosophy.

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I expect liberals to scream hypocrisy.  If I am so opposed to the agenda espoused by the US Chamber, how can I support a candidate endorsed by them – like Andy Harris?  Simple.  Harris represents the pro-growth, pro-opportunity philosophy that the NFIB advocates.  Groups like the US Chamber recognize that a Congress populated by far more men and women like Andy Harris is good for US business.  It’s the “rising tide” analogy.  Groups like the NFIB KNOW that a Congress populated by more men and women like Andy Harris is good for America – all of us.

One thing both groups know for sure – the socialistic, anti-growth policies advocated by Harris’ opponent, Frank Kratovil, aren’t good for anyone … unless you are a government bureaucrat or a leftist tree hugger.

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