What Wayne Gilchrest, and Frank Kratovil, Don’t Want You to Know

You’ve seen the TV ads, Frank Kratovil is a moderate.  He’s independent.  He’s just like Wayne Gilchrest.  At least he’s right on the last one.  Frank Kratovil is a liberal already in the pockets of left wing environmental activists.  That’s pretty good for a guy who has never served a day in any legislature.

I know, the left will cry foul.  The truth hurts and for some reason the left thinks that it’s unfair to use their own record against them.  However, Wayne Gilchrest is trying to help his new ally Frank Kratovil by hiding the truth from the people of the First District.

You may have heard of the Wicomico Environmental Trust (WET).  It’s a group with an all too typically benign sounding name promoting a radical agenda.  These good folks want to destroy our economy.  These NIMBY’s want to tell you WHERE you can live.  They want to steal the property rights of our local farmers under the guise of “preserving our rural heritage”.  A heritage which few, if any, WET members have ever really been a part of.

WET is run by Mike Pretl, a local attorney who is quite possibly the most extreme leftist on the lower shore (which is saying a lot in a college town).  Pretl is a vocal advocate for socialized medicine, like his buddy Frank Kratovil.  Pretl also wants to dictate YOUR choices of where to live from his perch over the Nanticoke River.  A true limosuine liberal, Pretl wants to steal the land rights of our local farmers and use YOUR tax dollars all in the name of preserving open space.  I wonder how much land he has donated to Wicomico County?

What has this to do with Wayne Gilchrest?  Simply look in the minutes of WET’s August meeting.  It seems that WET wants to honor Gilchrest as he ends his days in Congress.  A kind and noble sentiment.  A group of lefty’s honoring a lefty congressman.  What was Gilchrest’s response?

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The committee spoke to representative (sic) Wayne Gilchrest about having an event honoring his legacy. He indicated that if we do it, we should wait until after the election.

Liberals like Wayne Gilchrest AND Frank Kratovil are happy to take money from the MoveOn crowd, like when Pretl raised money for Kratovil last June.  They’ll even do their bidding in Congress.  They just know that they can’t get elected when they are publicly seen as the allies and lap dogs of the extreme left enviros.  Gilchrest wants to get past the election and then receive accolades from the wildest group of leftists in nine counties.  Otherwise, the public might realize what he means when he says that “Frank Kratovil shares our values.”

Wayne Gilchrest is absolutely correct when he says that “Frank Kratovil shares our values”.  The problem is, normal folk aren’t included in that “we”.  Wayne Gilchrest and Frank Kratovil share the values of extreme left-wing environmentalists like Mike Pretl and WET.  We can’t afford a Congressman who will do the bidding of either.

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