Pimp My Kid

I’m all for expressing one’s political opinions, especially in the most robust manner possible. However, you should be the one who expresses them, not your child.

My family belongs to Meadowbrook Pool in Baltimore. It is home to the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, the outfit that produced Michael Phelps. A couple of years ago at Meadowbrook, I witnessed our vainglorious governor admiring his own reflection. However, what I saw today surpassed even that display of narcissism.

I saw a young boy perhaps no older than three years old wearing a “Bush makes me cry” T-shirt.

I don’t know what was more infantile, the shirt’s message or the intellect of the parents, who would dress their child in such a shirt. Seriously, has Bush Derangement Syndrome metastasized so much that people need to pimp their views on their children?

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If an adult hates George W. Bush fine, they can literally wear that hatred on their sleeve. However, parents should not turn their children into billboards of their political views.

This goes for conservatives as well.

C’mon folks… its for the children!

At least the kid wasn’t wearing this:

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