Labor Day leftovers

It’s going to be a busy day for the purveyor of monoblogue (not to mention the question of how much online access I’ll have with Tropical Storm Hanna working this way), so this video will hopefully suffice for today. This “undercover” video of a Service Employees International Union rally came to me from the Waterman (Aquaman: Questing For Atlantis) who also asked me to crosspost it over on Red Maryland. It’s definitely worth 4 1/2 minutes of your time to watch and learn a little bit more about unions.

In case you didn’t catch the portion at the end where the primary interviewee reveals her name and secondary job, she’s Delegate Veronica Turner of the 26th District. Out of 141 Delegates who served in 2008, she ranks 110th in the monoblogue Accountability Project with a term score of 3.22. Wonder if she reports her income from her other job on her ethics paperwork? We know that her fellow PG County member of the General Assembly, State Senator Ulysses Currie, has a few issues there.

So I appreciate the heads-up from my young friend and will happily share the news before I head out to help open a campaign headquarters, camera in tow for both monoblogue and the Wicomico County GOP website.

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