Gilchrest Goes All the Way!

Soon to be former Rep. Wayne Gilchrest has finally come out of the closet.  He’s not only a liberal, he’s a liberal Democrat.  This is something that many of us have known for some time.  With Gilchrest’s endorsement of Barack Obama, it’s official!

We know that Gilchrest’s liberal apologists will continue to defend him.  That’s fine.  As we have noted before, Gilchrest lacks the personal integrity to continue service.  Fortunately for him, honor is not a prerequisite for a nice Congressional pension.

There is no malice on our side.  After Andy Harris is elected to Congress we will bear no ill will to Gilchrest.  At least he is finally being honest about who he is.  As for his new friends, we hope that they will all come together for one more verse of “Kum By Ya”.

For all of you Kratovil supporters without Obama signs in their yards, shoot me an email.  If your local Democrats can’t get you one I’ll sure give it try.  I think that you should be as honest as your buddy Wayne has suddenly decided to be.

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