Economy be Damned

Who’s worried about the Wall Street Meltdown? Certainly not Democratic Delegate Heather Mizeur:

No matter who wins the presidential race in November, a national debate on health care is sure to start in 2009, Del. Heather Mizeur said Tuesday.

“It will be a different kind of debate depending on who wins. It seems like every 10 to 15 years we’re ready to take this national health care debate on again,” said Mizeur (D-Dist. 20) of Takoma Park.

Can you imagine, in this kind of fiscal environment, liberals trying to start a showdown on health care at the state and local level? We already have a situation where government has expanded far, FAR beyond its means. We already have a situation where government cannot afford the spending that has been undertaken at all levels of government. Are Democrats really ready to launch a debate in which they will propose the largest expansion of government social programs in American history knowing that they would need to raise taxes on the middle and working classes to pay for it?

I agree that we need to discuss reforming health care at the national level. But discussion the rapid expansion of government services at a time in which we absolutely cannot afford it is silly and naive. If the Democrats at the state and federal levels really go ahead with this, they will be saying “economy be damned, full speed ahead.”

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