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Apparently Susan Reimer never learned the Golden Rule: “treat others as you would like to be treated.

After Reimer’s hateful, bitter, pathetic, puerile, lame hate screed against Governor Sarah Palin published in Monday’s paper, she seems legitimately shocked that people were offended, and she was the subject of hateful attacks against her person.

Now I’m not going to defend personal attacks made by readers against Reimer. Just because Reimer launched a series of unnecessary personal shots at Senator McCain and Governor Palin doesn’t mean people should respond in kind. But questioning Reimer’s charachter and judgment are completely in line, and can be expected after the kind of crap that she wrote under her own name.

One line that did give me a chuckle was this:

So much pent-up anger, so much barely concealed hate was released in those e-mails and those postings. I wonder where next they will find a vent.

Gee, I wonder who unleashed pent-up agner and barely concealed first? Perhaps in was an in-over-her-head Baltimore Sun columnist maybe?

Obviously, given Reimer’s column, this is clearly how she wanted to be treated though. Otherwise, she would not have subjected Senator McCain and Governor Palin to this kind of treatment…


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