Comparing Obama and Palin

Everybody keeps comparing Sarah Palin to Barack Obama. Experience, she was first elected in 1992, he was first elected in 1996. She is a State Governor, he is a U.S. Senator. Her daughter is pregnant, he doesn’t want his daughters punished with children at age 16. Her husband drove drunk in the 1980’s, he did cocaine in the 1980’s (I think it was the 80’s, he claims it was while he was a teenager). She is embroiled in Troopergate, he has his Rezko problems.

Two pretty comparable people. Would folks be making as big of a deal if Virginia Governor Tim Kaine was selected as Obama’s running mate for being in-experienced? The media kept saying how Governor Kaine was one of the finalists in their mind for the job, nobody was saying he was disqualified from the position because he was only Governor for 2 years. In fact, if this were true, no Governor from Virginia could ever be nominated as VP since it is a 1 term limit state for the top executive position.

The only thing that McCain is waiting for is for the Democrats to make the argument that because McCain is so old then his Vice President choice matters. They are all thinking it, they just are too “politically correct” to say it unless they were speaking privately on an airplane.

Yeah, I was an early backer along with Brian Griffiths of the Palin nomination. The campaign changed a little bit since then and I wanted McCain to pick someone with even less government experience than Palin. Maybe it is because of how dirty all these politicians are, with the exception, or so I hope, of Palin. Maybe Obama has more experience with Palin, maybe doing cocaine isn’t as bad as drunk driving, I can’t give him the kids one, but maybe let’s just say… keep comparing the Republican number 2 to the Democrat’s number 1 and see how strong the McCain line of Obama/Biden being reversed sounds.

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