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Cashing in or Abandoning Ship?

Does O’Malley’s inner circle know something? Read this:

Sean R. Malone, a long-time trusted aide to Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D), said today that he will leave the administration in coming weeks to become a partner in a law firm and lobbying shop.

Malone, a deputy legislative officer to the governor, is the third member of O’Malley’s inner circle to depart in recent months. Steve Kearney, a long-time communications aide, left to start a public affairs firm, while Josh White, who ran O’Malley’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign and later joined the administration, has become a lobbyist.

So, other than the fact that another Democrat in Maryland is going to help continue the culture of corruption and get filthy rich from their contacts with other Democrats in State Government, do O’Malley staffers see the end is near?

Bottom line: Does O’Malley’s inner circle think he is going to lose in 2010?


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