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This is the latest ad from our next Congressman – Andy Harris:

When I saw it for the first time it reminded me of some of the reasons that I believe that Andy is the best choice to be our next Representative from Maryland’s First Congressional District.  It also reminded me of an incident that occurred to me a week or so ago.

I had the opportunity to meet a Salisbury resident who thought that she was going to support McCain, but was hesitant when I asked her about Andy Harris.  She didn’t feel comfortable with candidates “who jump from one office to the next” and who “seem more concerned money than the people they are supposed to represent”.  Fair enough.  I asked her where she heard this.  Needless to say, it was from some Kratovil people.

Never the less, I asked her what offices Andy was jumping around from.  She didn’t know.  I then explained to her that Andy Harris was represented by a “moderate” Republican state senator (sound familiar?).  Andy saw that this gentleman was not truly representing the values of his district. (sound even more familiar?)

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Andy took it upon himself to offer his neighbors a credible alternative; someone who more closely represented the things that they believe in.  Guess what?  The people of his district knew that Andy was right.  He beat an incumbent Republican in the primary and went on to win three general elections by large margins.  That is the only public office that Andy Harris has ever held, to the best of my knowledge.  He has just served in his office longer than Frank Kratovil has served in his.

As for being so concerned about money, I asked this lady if she thought that Andy Harris was the kind of guy who put service before money?  She admitted that she had been told otherwise.  I explained that Andy isn’t some run of the mill saw bones, but a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a physician at Hopkins.  Had she ever given any thought to how much money it cost Andy Harris to serve in the state senate each year?  While I can’t speak for Andy, I have enough friends and family members who are doctors to know that a Hopkins anesthesiologist is taking a big financial hit by taking all of that time off to serve in the legislature.

I then asked this lady if she had ever given any thought to how big a pay cut Andy would be taking to serve us in Congress?  Of course she hadn’t.  She was under the impression that Andy would be getting some kind of pay raise.  When I explained that he would be basically giving up 2/3 of what he makes now she was shocked.  Why?

It’s really pretty simple.  It’s the core reason that so many people support Andy.  It’s not about money.  It’s not about power.  It’s about standing up for what you believe and doing the right thing.  The same passion that drove Andy to succeed up to now is the same drive and passion that makes me sure that he will truly represent our values.

I don’t have to agree with him on every issue.  I know, as sure as the sun will rise in the east, that Andy Harris will ALWAY strive to do what’s best for the people of his district.  Note that I didn’t say that he would pander to us.  No, Andy will REPRESENT us, in the finest traditions and beliefs of our nation’s founders.

Why should we support Andy Harris?  Because he is the real deal.

Oh, I almost forgot.  The lady put TWO Harris signs in her yard.  The truth may not win EVERY time, but it always wins in the long run.

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