An Open Letter to the Palin Family…

Dear Sarah:
I know you are aware, and I hope your family was as well, about how evil and ruthless some people can be in the dirty side of politics. You seem like a tough lady who can handle it, and perhaps that is why we need someone like you in the halls of power if we are ever to restore the notion of statesmanship and redeem public service as a noble profession. Just like you have seen in your home state of Alaska, there are people with axes to grind who will stop at nothing to destoy those not on their side of the aisle… and sometimes even those in their own party (Re: Hillary’s treatment by the Obamamaniacs).

I know and have seen the dirty side of politics, and it tarnishes the (unfortunately few) good public servants who are in it for all the right reasons. The good ones do exist, I have seen a few of them as well. I am impressed that many bloggers, some in your state, are coming to your defense. As far as that so-called “Troopergate” non-issue, if a cop was threatening my family I’d want him more than fired. Such scum tarnishes the good name of the majority of the brave, hard-working police officers.

Don’t let the dumbarses denigrate small towns or regular folks, they do so at their peril. Don’t let the a-holes question your parenting, your life-affirming decision to carry a lovely downs syndrome child to term, or that ridiculous notion that you lack “experience”, especially when you look at the top of the Dems ticket. News Flash- Every holder of the top job at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave gets on-the-job experience. It is not a job that any mere human can truly handle, without a lifetime of real-world experiences, coupled with tons of prayer, and a little thing called character.

I know when the attacks go after your family, that is the lowest blow possible and shows their desperation and fear of your success. I hope your family is also as tough as you, and will insist you soldier-on. We need you to do so, but you need their support to know that the effort is in their best interest as well.

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Todd: Everything I have been able to learn about you shows you to be so much more than the stereotypical Alaskan Man. Yes, you are a man’s man, a fisherman, snow machine racer, and work the oil fields, in addition to being blessed with rugged good looks. I guess you needed all that to win the heart of that fiesty beauty contestant! Lucky dude! Maybe that’s why you are attacked, those other guys are so darn jealous! High Fives to you! (so much better than an Obama-like fist-bump)!

Oh, they’ll try to paint you as an unwashed, uneducated rural yahoo… then try to convince people that you are secretly running the state. They will go to either extreme if it suits their shoddy purposes. Again, they do that at their peril, not only could you kick their arse (please don’t- they will sue), but they risk alienating plenty of hard-working blue-collar men, and women, across the country. Don’t sweat not having a college diploma, sometimes they are not worth the paper they are printed on. I’d choose regular-folks wisdom over degree-learnin’ any day!

You seem like a confident man, assured in your own masculinity. The great thing is you are assured enough in your own skin to help your beloved wife in realizing her dreams for public service. In that sense, you are a modern man, not afraid to help raise the kids! A modern man, but with brawn. Sarah may run the state, but you are the man of the house.

For the kids: First of all, don’t let anyone make fun of your names, they are actually quite kewl, and as unique as each of you! Be glad you don’t have boring names!

Track: I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are as Americans that you chose to serve your country in the U.S. Army. I hope the press will not endanger you or (like in England with Prince Harry) cause you to not be able to serve fully. I’m sure you don’t want special treatment, but just to be allowed to serve like your collegues. Fight hard, but return home to your Mom and Dad!

Piper & Willow: You may not have been abused by the media and other hateful people yet, but be alert that it may happen. Be strong, and tell your parents honestly about any fears you may have. Don’t be afraid to tell them what’s on your mind.

Dear, dear Trig… do not let anyone ever tell you that your life is not worthy to be lived. You may not be exactly like other kids, but in your Mom & Dad’s eyes, you are loved and cherished so very much! How sad that other special kids like you never are given the chance to live. You have been given life, enjoy every moment, I know your folks will enjoy you!

Bristol: Don’t let idiots look down on you for your situation… though of course having sex outside of marriage is indeed a sin, it is not a “worse” sin than any other, and we all sin and fall short of God’s Glory. That’s where forgiveness and salvation comes in. The fact that you have chosen to bring this little child into the world, as hard as that is, and have not taken the so-called “easy” way out, is what speaks to your character now. Yes, it will be hard, but with your fine family, it will be worth it. Your folks are right, you will grow up quickly now. All the best to you!

Hey, Levi: What can I say man? Sure, you didn’t want kids at this time of your life, what young guy does? Well, I take that back, some playas like to knock up the ladies and leave them, but I do not think that is you. You were dating this girl, raging hormones took over, and the next thing you know… Ya done messed up, dude… but you are doing the very hard, and responsible thing, in the public eye and with all the hard work that entails. You will need the same dedication you have for your beloved hockey to make this work. It may be hard, but it can happen. But you are not alone. The Palin family is welcoming you into theirs, and they seem as tough as you.

If you really, really love this girl… with a lot of help, prayer, and forgiveness, you two can actually have a good life together. And don’t take no “stuff” from those who would dis your redneck, kick arse attitude. You might just need that.

Man, the more I think about it the more I see how similar you and Todd are. I know you are an individual with your own thoughts, wants, and needs. At the risk of perpetrating the stereotype, is it true that all Alaskan men are are such? Yeah, a Man you are fast becoming, embrace it! I’m sure that once you look into the eyes of your son or daughter, you’ll want to cherish them and love them forever.

Future Johnston Kid: WoW! Who’d a thunk it, that you would be subject to all this malarkey even before you are born! With your genes, I have no doubt you can handle just about everything! You Family will help you every step of the way!

So there you have it… Palins (and the future Johnston family)…
You are a fine kick-butt group, and any who would cross you better watch out… you probably don’t need it, but we’ve got your back!

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