All Pain, No Gain

At the risk of closing down job opportunties for a certain “budding energy policy wonk” , you know, the guy who labeled Liberman-Warner–legislation that would have left us with 40,000 jobs lost, a 70% increase in gasoline prices, a 40% increase in electricity costs and $4.2 billion in lost in gross state product–as “moderate.”

Geoff Lawrence from Climate Strategies Watch reiterates the argument I made here and here.

As a condition of their services, CCS prohibits MCCC members from debating the science of climate change — the very basis for the policies being considered.

The reason why CCS and the governor’s Department of the Environment, which oversees MCCC, would suppress such debate is clear. There is a dearth of scientific evidence showing that a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within the state of Maryland would have any meaningful impact on climate change.

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To the contrary, a recent study by the Science and Public Policy Institute shows that a complete cessation of greenhouse gas emissions in the state over the next century would only impact global average temperatures by 0.002 degrees C and would reduce sea-level rise by 0.04 centimeters. These numbers are based on computations modeled by Thomas Wigley of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, a former adviser to Al Gore…

To achieve such an insignificant impact on global warming, Marylanders will be asked to bear a heavy burden. Because emissions caps are equivalent to a cap on economic production, their effect will be to demolish family budgets. A recent study co-sponsored by the American Council for Capital Formation and the National Association of Manufacturers shows that legislative actions to cap greenhouse gas emissions would devastate the state’s economy. Average household annual income could decline $9,157 by 2030 as a result of such actions while gasoline prices could increase by as much as $5.64 per gallon.

All Marylanders should view the work of the MCCC and CCS with extreme skepticism. The State of Maryland can have no meaningful impact on climate change, but it can deprive its people of individual freedom and their chance at economic prosperity.

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