Your Move Dr. Boesch

Washington Examiner Editorial Page Editor Mark Tapscott , calls on Donald Boesch to release the data used the “report” to the Maryland Commission on Climate Change, which he edited.

The Baltimore Sun reported last week that Boesch edited a report prepared for the MCCC that will be used to submit 42 policy recommendations to Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley on the effects of global warming on Maryland. It’s not clear whether O’Malley’s pet daily got a leaked copy of the draft or final version of the report. When Paul Chesser, director of Climate Strategies Watch, requested a copy of the report from a Boesch spokesman, he was refused. A similar request by this newspaper was also denied.

Based on the Sun description of the report’s conclusion, however, it appears that Boesch is helping O’Malley and other Maryland politicos in their continuing campaign to use global warming alarmism to justify raising Maryland taxes, increasing regulation on Maryland businesses and expanding the reach of Maryland government ever further into the everyday lives of the state’s residents…

So, to ensure that Marylanders are getting sound scientific advice, The Washington Examiner has asked for copies of all data sets used in preparing the Boesch report. Those data sets will be submitted for independent analyses and verification. We’ll let you know the results.

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I will be on The Ron Smith Show today at 4:15 with Bob Ferguson of the Science and Public Policy Institute. Bob wrote a report on the negligible effects of greenhouse gas emission reductions in Maryland.

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