You Gotta Wonder

Maybe this explains why the left wing doesn’t get economics. FSP’er Scott Goldberg said this:

In order to help John McCain find out exactly how many houses he actually owns, I have decided to stop drinking Budweiser beer. Hopefully, his wife’s income will slow down long enough to get an accurate count before they buy a few more places.

Yeah….well, Hensley & Co. distributes Anheuser-Busch products in Arizona. The decision for Maryland’s left wing to stop drinking Budweiser will have zero economic impact on the McCains. In fact, Goldberg’s protest does what Maryland liberals love to do best: take money from local businesses, specifically one of the ten Anheuser-Busch wholesalers who distribute their products here in Maryland.

Goldberg’s comment is as silly as four years ago when some Republicans stopped buying Heinz ketchup. I’m not going to stop buying a quality product just because somebody I don’t like is making money off it (though by no means am I calling Budweiser a quality product).

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