You Can Still Rock in America

(Since Brian cross-posted this I will as well)

If you listened to the last RedMaryland Radio (and if you missed it check it out when it gets posted on our website) Brian Griffiths and I discussed this article about Barrack Obama and John McCain’s favorite songs.

In addition to our insightful political analysis, we thought we would have some fun and create our own lists. Better yet, we let the listeners decide which list they preferred. Being tied at the end of the show, it now comes down to you gentle reader to pick the winner.

Here is my list (caution much awesomeness follows)

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1. Extreme “Rest in Peace”

Lyric “Make Love not War sounds so absurd to me/ We can’t afford to take these words lightly or else our world will truly rest in peace.”

2. Metallica “Don’t Tread on Me”

Lyric “So be it / Threaten no more / To secure peace is to prepare for war”

3. Night Ranger “You can Still Rock in America”

No deep political message here just a fun rock song. But, hey it does make me feel good that you can still rock in America, at least until the fairness doctrine takes hold.

4. Guns ‘N’ Roses “ Mr. Brownstone”

Classic tune chronicling the perils of heroin use. A good lesson for you kiddies.

5. Metallica “Eye of the Beholder”

Lyric “Independence Limited / Freedom of Choice /Choice Is Mad for You My Friend Freedom of Speech / Speech Is Words That They Will Bend/ Freedom with Their Exception”

Think Fairness Doctrine

6. Push Comes to Shove – Jackyl

Lyric “Your political correct world is incorrect I’ve found/ An angry young man is what I became/ The day that you got full of yourself, and now only you’re to blame”

From the guys who brought you the Lumberjack (Rush Limbaugh’s timber update theme).

7. Wango Tango – Ted Nugent

Prominent conservative and gun rights activist Ted Nugent’s best known hit, unless you want to include his work with Damn Yankees.

8. “We’re Not Gonna Take It” – Twisted Sister

Schwarzenegger campaign theme song. Anti-authority anthem.


9. Flight of Icarus – Iron Maiden

Classical tale of the deception of technology (and the sun!). Proves heavy metal is educational.

10. “My City Was Gone,” by The Pretenders

Rush Limbaugh theme but also as National Review’s John Miller puts it “the lyrics also display a Jane Jacobs sensibility against central planning and a conservative’s dissatisfaction with rapid change: “I went back to Ohio / But my pretty countryside / Had been paved down the middle / By a government that had no pride.”

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