Working Together: The Future of the MDGOP and the Conservative Blogosphere

Brian Griffiths has given the after action report of the first MDGOP sponsored blogger conference call. It was the first of what will be a series of such calls in the coming months and years and I join Brian in applauding Justin Ready in initiating this process and recognizing the value of these forums and, most importantly, respecting the desires of our readers to be informed.

Brian already mentioned the improving financial status of the party. That was not simply a platitude but Justin directly answered some probing questions confirming that point. While the party has a long way to go to be where it wants to be, and where is was in the salad days of Governor Ehrlich, it has come a long way already.

Most intriguing to me was the clear desire of the party to work with the blogosphere in helping to spread the Republican message. Rather than adopting the parochial view of some short-sighted party members that view the blogs as something to be feared and avoided, we have a state party leadership that recognizes the potential of the alternative media we have created.

Make no mistake, the party recognizes our independence and we all but acknowledged that there will be tensions in the relationship as we fearlessly make the criticisms they never can or will. Even in this first call, there were tough questions. Wisely, however, the MDGOP knows the power of cooperation with the blogosphere is greater than any control could ever be.

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To that end, bloggers, and through them you the reader, can expect greater communication and flow of information not only from the party but from Republican elected officials in the future. The party will help to bring profile and gravitas to the blogs who, in turn, will continue to cover stories and present views the party cannot and the local media will not. And this may just be the tip of the iceberg.

I again thank Justin and the MDGOP for beginning this effort and encourage all pro-Republican bloggers to join in future conference calls and participate in what will be a beneficial relationship for everyone.

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