Why Tomorrow Could Seal The Election…

This Saturday, Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren hosts a unique forum with Barack Obama and John McCain (Fox News should be covering it). It is not a debate, but a forum where first the “Obaminator” will be asked questions about faith and values, while McCain waits off-stage out of earshot. Then separately the “Maverick” will have his turn.

While traditionally Evangelicals have leaned right, that is not universally so. Some have (unfortunately?) leaned left. Newer born-agains have wandered away from the traditional pro-life/pro-traditional marriage stands. Some don’t even have a problem with so-called “Gay Marriage” (Blasphemous!!). This election, McCain’s weakness could be the voting block that Republicans have taken for granted. While the Obama/Clinton factions of the Dems sing “Kum-ba-ya”, hints that McCain may pick a pro-choicer like Tom Ridge for veep have traditional evangelical people of faith discouraged. If they stay home, or (God-forbid!) vote for Obama, that could be the end of the election, the country, and the world as we know it (Arma-geddon outta here!)!

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