The Return of O’Chutzpah

Man, Martin O’Malley has really jumped off of the deep end:

During his third visit to the capital in little more than a week, Gov. Martin O’Malley suggested that his administration’s 2008 budget fix – including tax increases that required a special session of the General Assembly – is a national model for what he called the “American value of fiscal responsibility….” …”We were asking our neighbors to sacrifice more at a time when they were already getting hammered and the dollar was already being weakened,” O’Malley said. “None of these decisions were made lightly.” But he added: “I believe that the people that we serve actually have a far greater capacity to embrace, understand and make investments than sometimes we give them credit for.”

I have no idea what planet O’Malley is living on right now. I really don’t.

Part of the reason that we are “getting hammered”, Governor, is because of your fiscal imprudence and lack of leadership. It is you Governor, who are ultimately responsible for our pocketbook walls. It is YOU Governor whose lack of leadership has brought our state and our families alike to the precipice of economic disaster.

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For Governor O’Malley to call his spend, tax, spend some more policy as “a model of responsibility” makes me question the Governor’s fitness for office. Clearly, Governor O’Malley doesn’t give a damn about the people of Maryland to make such a ridiculous claim.

It is past time that Maryland have somebody in the Governor’s Mansion who puts the people of Maryland first. And clearly, Martin O’Malley puts government, special interests and most important his political career far ahead of the needs and concerns of the taxpayers.


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