The Real Skinny On Illegal Immigration

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In the early 1990s when the culture war began to heat up and evidence of an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants became apparent in most states, many of us failed to recognize the silent invasion systematically eroding our nation’s sovereignty for what it really was:

An unholy alliance between, business interests, foreign leaders and our political establishment to accomplish several, self-serving and destructive goals.

1. To stem revolutions in countries such as Mexico where wealthy oligarchs rule their poor masses with an iron fist. By encouraging their poor and uneducated masses to migrate to the United States, they cling to power and avoid offering meaningful political reforms and opportunities for their people.

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2. To provide an unlimited supply of cheap labor for U.S. businesses to exploit, while middle-class taxpayers are forced to subsidize their profits by picking up the tab for illegals’ health care, education and other community services;

3. To create a new voting block that can be manipulated to assure that more hard-left politicians remain in power and more are elected, so the politically-correct power elite can fully implement their socialist and multicultural agendas.

4. To dismantle the American culture and replace it with a fragmented, so-called multiculturalism that divides the United States into a land of many tongues, cultures and allegiances — making it much easier to control under a divide-and-conquer strategy!

While I welcome all legal immigrants and encourage those willing to fully participate in this great experiment called the United States by becoming law abiding, productive English-speaking citizens, I totally reject the notion that an unlimited number of foreign nationals should be allowed to invade our borders at will with no legal consequences. I also reject the notion of a blanket amnesty being given to the millions of illegals already occupying portions of our land, as much as I reject any concept of open borders!

Only when our elected officials enforce current U.S. immigration laws and bring forth a responsible reform program that guarantees our sovereignty will our nation be restored to the republic envisioned by our founding fathers as outlined in the constitution.

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