The Palin Pick: THIS is Change we can actually believe in

Six months ago I wrote

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin brings a lot of things to a potential national ticket. First off, she already has a record as a reformer. She challenged a Governor of her own party in a competitive primary and defeated him easily. She also brings a different demographic to the ticket. While Senator McCain can easily be portrayed as an old Washington insider, scarred from battles both real and political, Governor Palin will give voters something different. A feeling of vibrancy, of renewal. About as far away from being a Washington insider as you can possibly get. She’s so popular, both inside and outside of Alaska, that a Draft Palin for VP movement has existed on the internet for over a year….

…The people of Alaska probably don’t want to lose Governor Palin yet, given that she has just started her work as their Governor. However, I’m not sure there are many other choices Senator McCain can make that would energy the base as much as the selection of Governor Palin would. I hope that Senator McCain calls her to serve her country, something she would do admirably

So needless to say, I am downright giddy today. So you can consider this and the shoutout Media Superstar Mark Newgent gave me on WBAL today as part of my Victory Lap.

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Needless to say, I am surprised, and I shocked, I am ecstatic, and I am extremely enthusiastic about this pick. Sarah Palin is the future of the Republican Party. She’s both conservative’s conservative, and a reformer. She took on the corrupt Stevens/Young/Murkowski wing of the Alaska State GOP and has succeeded in changing her state and her party for the better. THIS is the type of change that Barack Obama wishes he could bring; Sarah Palin has been there, and she’s done that already.

What’s best is the fact that it seems like the Palin Pick left Team HopeChangeHope in complete disarray, with the Obama Camp launching an insulting attack on Governor Palin’s experience (never mind the fact that she has more experience than Tim Kaine, an Obama shortlister, plus they skewered small town America to boot) before Obama himself had to try and smooth over the damage prior to the start of his three day campaign trip through several swing states.

The left blogosphere is reacting poorly too. America’s biggest hatesite, DailyKos, is laying into Governor Palin, with posters there calling her selection unserious, a distraction, the worst VP pick ever, and asserting that her husband is the “Shadow Governor.” So much for supporting the equality of the sexes fellas.

Obviously, Senator McCain did something right in order to get the Obama folks in a panic and the leftroots in a lather.

The Maryland leftroots have not reacted too poorly to date, though I want to point out something Isaac said:

I think we can also discard the question of whether the candidates have enough experience, since Palin has even less political experience than Barack Obama.

Except it doesn’t. Sarah Palin has more experience in government than Barack Obama does. She has no less foreign policy experience than he does. And, unlike Obama, she is the # 2 on the ticket. Obama’s glaring lack of experience to be President still shines through. Friends, this is what we have been waiting for. This is what we have wanted to see all along. We have had our ideological issues with Senator McCain, but he has selected as his running mate somebody who most embodies the conservative movement and the movement of reform. I wrote a while back:

the problem with Republican politics in the 21st century is not the ideology of conservatism, but leadership that itself is not conservative. Once we figure out how to fix that, Republicans will reassume the mantle of ascendancy that we lost when Congressional leadership went native a few years back.

THIS is the first step back. Governor Palin is a conservative reformer, and one with results to boot. This is how we are going to restore conservatism in the Republican Party. Senator McCain did us and the nation a great service through her selection.

Barack Obama talks about change, but who wants the failed liberalism of the past thirty years disguised as change? Barack Obama is the posterchild for identity politics and the politics of failure. McCain-Palin is the ticket that will truly be able to reform Washington.

Sarah Palin represents change that we can actually believe in…


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