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“The Long Night” – Everyone’s Wrong about Batman Movie

Fellow conservatives, please indulge me a short rant about a crypto-liberal film, “The Dark Knight,” which has wowed the world with its 2 and ½ hour dark unpleasantness. It is filled with implausibility and pessimism, and it boasts consensual validation of its excellence – all hallmarks of the liberal ethic.

I have polled the entire country and found that, save .000000003462% of the public, everyone raves about this movie.

In any case, here is my (increasingly) very minority dissent from the current Batmanmania…

Some — some — – of the problems…

No heroes in the movie; “Batman” is off-putting to say the least; his voice is worse; the “clever” coin gambit is way overdone, due, I guess, to the writers’ thinking it was more clever than it was; actions occur without clear motives; there’s an inexplicable emphasis on “5 deaths” allegedly caused by Batman, without which there, theoretically within the movie’s plot, could have been endless more; Heath Ledger’s not bad, but not Oscar material by any stretch of the imagination — bring back Jack Nicholson, please(!); continuous use of cut-aways (faux suspenseful moments — some resolved sans explanation); and there’s more, but this is sufficient to create the despair I feel when I think of my experience watching this movie.

I shall not often burden my fellow conservatives with movie reactions, but is there any – any – support out there for my powerful dissent? I am feeling alone on this — but without doubt as to the correctness of my take on this non-boring-but-awful movie.

Richard E. Vatz is professor of Mass Communication and Communication Studies at Towson University.

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