The First MD GOP Blogger Conference Call

We just finished up the first Blogger Conference call with State GOP Executive Director Justin Ready. Participants included RedMaryland stalwarts Michael Swartz, Greg Kline, Mark Newgent and myself.

This was a fantastic opportunity for Justin to speak with bloggers, talk about the issues important to Republicans, to bloggers, and to our readers, and to foster cooperation. One thing that Justin stressed was the need for cooperation between the party, Republican elected officials and the conservative blogosphere. As a former blogger Justin knows the important role that blogs have, particularly a state like Maryland with a generally monolithic liberal media, and that’s going to become even more important as we head towards the General Assembly session and, looking beyond that, the 2010 Election.

Some good news from the call; fundraising, which was an issue during John Flynn’s tenure as Executive Director, has greatly improved during Justin’s three months on the job, and the part is in an ever improving financial position.

I am glad that Justin took the initiative to hold this call, and I look forward to participating with my fellow bloggers in future calls.

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