The Fifth Column

Looks like we now know why CASA of Maryland is so hellbent on flouting our immigration laws:

Casa of Maryland got a $1.5 million shot in the arm Tuesday from the Venezuelan-owned oil giant Citgo, money that will support programs across the state and bolster a long-planned employment center in Langley Park that could open as early as October.

Citgo’s donation will be spread over three years, beginning next year. It is the biggest corporate donation the immigrant advocacy group has ever received.

It is sad and pathetic that such an organization would willingly accept a large donation from the government of a tyrannical communist dictatorship that limits the freedom of their people and threatens geopolitical stability in the Western Hemisphere. CASA in the past has chastised those who oppose its support of illegal immigration, and chastised those who questioned their motives. But it is clear that the motives are CASA are no motives that are in the best interest of the United States. Nobody of sound moral fiber would accept Chavez’s blood money as they did..

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