Thank You Senator (“Uncle Teddy”) Kennedy…

It was nice of you to rise to the occasion to make your speech before the Democrat’s Convention.

I thank You.

I thank you for talking about Change, for if you can make it convincing that you, of all people, are for change… who has been in the halls of power with your dearly departed brothers for so long, then the Maverick may not have such a hard time convincing the American public that he is for a better kind of change. You make McCain look like a teenager.

I thank you for talking about how much you love the water. I guess that’s why you were so against the wind farm, you need the wind for your sails, and it might detract from the beauty of the Kennedy Compound.

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I thank you for talking about your family, for if those images of your privileged life in Camelot can only sink in, they might undo the working-class image Michelle strived to portray later that night. By the way, Senator… do you know how many boats… uh… “yachts” your family owns? I thought I saw more than one.

Thanks Senator… for diffusing the Democrats “McCain equals more of the same old/same old of Bush” mantra.
Now we can declare that “Barack is more of the same old/same old of you and your Democrat ilk”.
Yeah, a vote for Obama is a vote for more of the failed policies of the Democrats, who have had the House and Senate for a while now. Why should we reward their failures with giving them even another branch (or two- if any of the Supreames retire) of government?

Thanks Senator… now get off the stage and fade away gracefully, so we can prepare for the audacity of hoping for a more Maverick form of real change we can believe in this November. We can get away from the same old Pelosi, Reid, and even Biden record.

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