Sure, why the hell not

Apparently, Dan Rodricks’ obsession with building a new arena on taxpayer dollars is growing to other projects, too:

Chris Stoner, a civic-minded fellow who works at T. Rowe Price, has this idea: Build an 18,000- to 20,000-seat stadium out at Canton Crossing, by the interstate in Southeast Baltimore, for professional soccer and lacrosse teams. Stoner points out that Major League Soccer recently announced an intention to expand by 2011. So let’s get a soccer-specific stadium and expand Ed Hale‘s Baltimore Blast into two teams – one for outdoors, one for indoors.

“While the MLS is anxious to expand west, a team in Baltimore would only add to a regional rivalry with Washington, Philly and New York,” Stoner says. “Games against those teams mean shorter travel at less costs and the ability for fans to travel.”

A stadium of this size could draw Major League Lacrosse back here, too. It could handle events too small for M&T Bank Stadium: ethnic festivals, revivals, an all-new Baltimore City Fair, some concerts, and high school and collegiate athletics.

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So instead Rodricks supports this idea of building a new 18-20,000 seat outdoor venue in Canton….but does not support building a new 18-20,000 seat indoor arena in Canton, which really makes more sense than the current project.

How much money does Rodricks and Company think the city has to spend on this stuff?


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